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The Trusted and Expert Plumbing Service in Piano


Ever since 1990, Staggs Plumbing has been operating in Piano, TX. Our professional operation has scooped numerous consumer choice awards and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Of course, being in possession of a master’s plumbing license allows people such as yourself some extra peace of mind when hiring a plumbing service to carry out work in your home.



Slab Leaks


In Piano, the soil is mostly clay, and in turn, that means that water is absorbed from the ground. During dry spells, the soil shrinks, and when the conditions are particularly wet, it causes soil expansion.


Throughout the years, your home’s foundation will feel a due burden because of this soil contraction and expansion, which is known as “slab.” In turn, the sewer and supply lines can become squashed or bent, and that causes small breaks in the water pipes. A slab leak occurs when water enters cracks in the slab and moves up into your house, which, as a result, can cause all sorts of problems.


Prevention of Slab Leaks


There are two things that can be done to slow the contraction and expansion of soil beneath the slab.


-          Water the Foundation


Watering the foundation ensures that the soil does not dry too much. Installing soaker hoses means that there’s a constant drip of water over a period of hours each day when the weather is warm. Or you can direct your sprinklers near to the base of your home instead.


-          Avoiding Excess Water Buildup Around the Foundation


There are times when Piano gets plenty of rainfall, with 2015 being a record year for recorded rainfall. Therefore, you do need adequate drainage around your home’s foundation to avoid pooling. If pooling occurs, it will eventually cause the soil to expand beneath the slab.


Installing rain gutters is a good way to disperse the rainfall away from your home and into the yard.



Clogged Toilets


Another frequent problem that we come across in Piano is clogged toilets. This can prove to be a relatively simple thing to fix. If it’s not excessive, using a toilet plunger will do the trick; either that or a toilet auger.



Plumbing Services in Piano Provided by Staggs Plumbing


Your home can suffer through numerous water-related issues. Keep in mind that besides our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we’ve also won numerous consumer awards. As such, you will feel comfortable when hiring our company to carry out the work. Below is listed a few of the more commonplace problems that we see fairly regularly in Piano, Texas.


-          Slab leaks

-          Toilets that have become clogged

-          Leaks in the shower

-          Gas line leaks

-          Water running slow in the faucets


We regularly carry out the following work.


-          The repair and installation of faucets

-          Garbage disposal, dishwasher, kitchen faucet installation and repair

-          Repair and replacement of hot water heaters. We also repair and install tankless hot water heaters.

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